Johnnie Ray
“A Sinner Am I”
With Jack Parnell and his Orchestra
Label:Philips Records


01-A Sinner Am I-( Johnnie Ray)                                                        2:29
02-A Hundred Years From Today-(John Young-Ned Washington)   2:18
03-It’s All In the Game-(Carl Sigman-Charles Dawes)                      3:19
04-September Song-(Kurt Weill-Maxwell Anderson)                       4:04
05-Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me-(Rube Bloom-Ted Koehler)                     2:57
06-Day by Day-(Paul Weston-Axel Stordahl-Sammy Cahn)              2:00
07-If I Had You-(Ted Shapiro-Jimmy Campbell-Reg Connelly)         2:16
08-Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye-(Johnnie Ray)                                2:32
09-Give Me Time-(Alec Wilder)                                                         2:31
10-Don’t Leave Me Now-(Stan Jones)                                                3:26
11-All The Way-(Jimmy Van Heusen-Sammy Cahn)                          2:11
12-L o v e-(Hugh Martin-Ralph Blane)                                               2:24